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Who is Fit Steph

I’m Stephanie L. Lopez a dreamer full of love, compassion, ambition and goals. I am a nutrition coach, blogger, writer, designer, baker, and a mother of three, following her big dream of helping ladies out there to reach their dream body weight while maintaining a perfect health and happiness.
I am from a small town known by it's beautiful beaches and waves named Rincon in the island of Puerto Rico (pssst... if you want to visit, let's meet and call my sister she's a vacation properties manager). I love to spend my free time at the gym and having new memories out with my little family.
I graduated from cooking school with a “International Baking and Pastry” certificate and worked in several bakeries, however, I always knew I wanted to be my own boss, bakers shifts are not single mom's friendly at all and I was not meant to be treated like crap by angry hungry people and mean bosses, still I loved food.
After gaining almost 50 pounds I found myself in the gym and that is when I meet my second passion, “FITNESS”.  But this journey took me to get obsessed with health and veganism. because even that I was loosing weight I was lacking motivation, energy and sometimes did not wanted to go to the gym, even that I loved it.  
So I did my research on how I could get my energy up, feel good, feel motivated and be happy with my food choices and my body.  The findings where amazing, It was nothing I was expecting to be, and I knew that if I was having this problem, a lot of women out there where too.
So I decided that the best way to reach my dream of being a boss and help women to be healthier and happier was by becoming an influencer and start a online business coaching woman on how to have a healthy diet, a healthy body and a healthy mind.
My experience on creating my dream made me want to share my story and show that you can do whatever you set your mind to do, like being a single mom, have a regular job and find the time to eat healthy and workout (on a budget).
We are bad ass ladies!
More about me? Well, I am obsessed with my kids, fitness, my cat, my dog, life, chocolate desserts and building an empire of healthier and happier women. 
I am currently taking my certification as a nutritionist and fitness coach just to build that solid trust when it comes to your health and my coaching skills, plus I am obsessed with how the body works to keep us thriving.
In my spare time you can find me in the gym, in the mall, the movies, the beach and at my sweet home having movie nights with my three little love ones. 

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