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Begginers Guide To Vegan Diet

Begginers Guide To Vegan Diet

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"The Vegan Whole Plant Based Diet Guide"

The beginners guide is a simple back to basics on eating a whole plant based diet.  I get questions and comments every day of my ladies telling me how they are interested or want to change in to a vegan diet but they have no idea on how to get started.  This guide was made to help them and to help you to know the basics of food groups and what you need to create your perfect, healthy, balanced and nutritious meals.  

What’s Inside For You

Getting Started

I am sharing with you my quick story and how transitioning in to a whole plant based diet can help you improve your health, help the environment and show some compassion for other living creatures. Ain’t getting the best health of your life the best news ever?

Nutrition 101

I am taking you back to the basics of the food groups, which ones are the ones you need on your daily basics, your new vegan food pyramid and how to create the perfect meal, the perfect smoothie and the perfect bowl. Oh yes!

Vegan Myths

I answer the four most common questions and myths about eating a whole plant base diet and where you can get the basic nutrients such as protein, omegas and calcium.   No more lies girl!

What You Will Get In This Guide?
–  What Is a Vegan diet and what are it’s categories.
– Why you should adopt a vegan whole plant based diet.
– How a vegan diet is good for your health, for the environment and the animals.
– Tips on how to transition to a vegan diet.
– Your new food pyramid.
– How to create a colorful, balanced and nutritious meal.
– How to create the perfect smoothie.
– How to create the perfect bowl.
– What you need to know about:
-Vitamin B12
-What’s next after you read this guide.