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Holiday Survival Guide

Holiday Survival Guide

Fit Steph

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Fit Steph Magazine special edition.

Novemeber 2018

Did you know that people gain at least 8-10 pounds during the holidays? This is the season where people neglect their health and stop working out putting their health in risk of illnesses.  But you don't have to be one.  

The “Holiday Survival Guide”  is the November special edition that will guide you to stay healthy during the holidays and start the New Year already in shape.  

What you can find:

👉🏼 How to survive the holidays to keep your weight.
👉🏼 How to survive your holiday dinners.
👉🏼 Two complete healthy Thanksgiving recipes (14 recipes in total)
👉🏼 A 8 minute fat burning workout routine that you can do from home or anywhere.  
👉🏼Latest trends on fashion for you to wear on your dinner.